Welcome to the Crossroads! Good things happen here every day. Our Covid-19 procedures are working to keep our community safe while still delivering your need for healthy touch and relief from your pains and stress. My schedule is busy, however, 2-3 people on my Wait list get times each week. If you can’t find your time in the near future, please choose the next time that is available and place yourself on my wait list. Specify which days and times that work for you and remember set the end date for when you want the emails to stop. If you are in trouble please include that in the note field. I look forward to bringing you Relief, relaxation and results.


Massage Therapy

Randall Friedman is an award winning Registered Massage Therapy with over 25 years of experience (1994).
My passion is solving complex physical issues and helping empower people to better understand their physical and emotional reality. Offering you tools for better self-care.

My focus is creating Relief, Recovery Relaxation and Results I offer over 28 years as a Registered Massage Therapist (1994)

I own and operate Crossroads Massage Therapy https://crossroadsmassage.com

Winner of the 2014 W.E. Magazines Top 3 best RMT’s in Vancouver.

I Individualize and optimize your care by performing a detailed assessment to identify which areas need to be released and what areas need more support. Together we create a treatment plan that works for you. Massage, Osteopathy, tailored self care exercises, advanced ball work and relaxation techniques…

I also have a network of supportive professional care providers to get you right where you want to be. I can help you understand where you need to put your focus and help bring you back to optimum health and performance.

Our physical health reflects our emotional health. To achieve and sustain ideal balance these systems need to be treated as a whole. My other business is coaching and when appropriate the modalities I have been applying for the past 18 years can help you achieve the health and emotional freedom you have been trying to obtain.

With gratitude,


My focus is creating Relief, Recovery Relaxation and Results I offer over 28 years as a Registere... Read More

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