Crossroads Massage Therapy in East Vancouver is most easily found by turning West on 29 Ave from Fraser St.
Follow 29th down the small hill till you reach the two story brown house next to the alley on north side.
Enter the front yard, The signed entrance is at the back of the house, down the stairs. Enter the right side door with the Welcome sign. You can enter 5 minutes before your treatment. Covid restrictions are in place. Please bring a fresh mask.

Please park in front of the house or if that is taken drive past the alley and park anywhere along the north side of the street. Please do not park in front of the modern house with tall bamboo on the south side of our street due to mobility issues. .
Dog on Premisis
Taz is a very friendly doodle who might greet you with a bit of barking, This is his way of saying announcing you. He is very well behaved and wants nothing more than to smell your fist, get a pat or try to lick you. You can point to the ground and tell him to"sit" and he will most likely obey. If you are at all uncomfortable with dogs, text me before hand and I will gladly keep him out of the clinic or yard.

Crossroads Massage Therapy

525 East 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5V 2S1


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